Vulcan-Truck-1963We have been working on concrete basement floors for literally decades, and have an intimate knowledge of everything from top to bottom. Creating beautiful stone floors on plain concrete surfaces is one of the things that we’re most passionate about.

The history of Vulcan…

Decades ago there was a need to house large coal and wood fired heating plants. This was done in the space below the house, which we now call the basement. It was the smart place to put it because, as we know, hot air rises and the heating plants could be more efficient if placed below the space to be heated. It was also a filthy, dirty, dusty, ash-laden mess and keeping it out of the living area was important. In time the heating plants shrank and were replaced by much smaller electric, propane and gas fired units.

As a result, this large, dank cavity below the house could now be used to store things. In fact, the area that was once uninhabitable was eventually being considered as possible living space.

At this time, the founding fathers of Vulcan were in the home improvement business and were often called on to renovate this space and make it livable. The request was easy enough to accomplish but later, after heavy rains, there was water on the floor. This was something that no one noticed or cared about when it was filled with coal and ash. The first attempts to stop the water were done by trying to raise the ground around the walls that were leaking. After several renovations with the same results there came a realization that there was a genuine need for a business to specialize in keeping water out of basements. This was the birth of the basement waterproofing industry and Vulcan Basement Stone Flooring, as we know it today.

Due to an increased interest and request from our waterproofing clients to not only remove the moisture and dampness from their basements but to beautify the floors as well, we have designed a proprietary formula to provide the finest stone flooring in the industry.

Today, Vulcan Basement Waterproofing and Stone Flooring remains the nation’s oldest, largest and most experienced basement waterproofing company as well as the east coast’s leading stone flooring company. As the nationally acclaimed leader in our field, Vulcan continues to look for new and better ways to help our customers get their basement flooring problems under control.